The task of pediatric cosmetic or plastic surgeons would be to assist children that have need for reconstructive surgery. The kids needs ranges from congenital deformations such as cleft lip, syndactyly or polydactyly, positional plagiocephaly to craniocynotosis.

Pediatric plastic surgeons are different from others within the field for the reason that their knowledge must be vast in several different body parts. She must also be skilled in working with your skin and muscle of a growing child-a consideration absent to those who work primarily with adults. There are numerous kinds of conditions present in children that require the interest of a skilled pediatric surgeon.

Among the most often seen issues is that of a cleft lip which occurs when the tissues in the upper lip and jaw do join together during fetal development. Even though it can sometime hinder feeding, this usually does not cause other medical conditions. The difficult benefit of a cleft lip unless it really is along with a cleft palate would it be may considered by insurance providers being an elective procedure. A cleft palate however, can impact speech formation, nutritional consumption, as well as other heath issues and can be addressed as a reconstructive medical necessity.

Syndactyly and polydactyly are the most typical malformations affecting the limbs. The first kind means that fingers and toes fail during fetal development to distinguish into distinct digits. Rogues is the existence of extra digits at birth. While syndactyly is certainly a medical concern which needs to be addressed for normal function in society, one other issue could be considered cosmetic in the event the patient can learn to make use of the hand and feet normally and the anomaly is not expected to cause other medical issues such as lack of the flow of blood or infection.

Pediatric plastic surgeons have also seen an increase in positional plagiocephaly as a result of 1992 "Back to Sleep" campaign through the American Academy of Pediatrics. Even though the recommendation to position babies on their backs to sleep decreased SIDS rapidly by halve, because babies spend many their time with pressure on the soft skulls, a disruption in proper fusing can occur. This is whats called craniocynotosis. Sometimes the problem could be solved with what cosmetic or plastic surgeons call "helmet therapy" along with focus on repositioning while sleeping, but sometimes surgical treatment is necessary to correct the condition.


Like every field using a children's specialty, a pediatric medical expert must be skilled and acquainted with many diagnosis and treatments for your body. In addition, it takes patience and certain knack for coping with not just children however with parents to be a successful and sought after pediatric plastic surgeon of choice. The devastating congenital defects that kids suffer take time and effort accept particularly when they are considered merely cosmetic since the emotional repercussion of such defects usually do not mandate correction although the child's life will definitely be negatively impacted.

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